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Wedding & celebrations

Are you dreaming of a coastal wedding? Do you want to celebrate a special birthday or have a thunderous party? Hotel Lysekil is a comfortable base for your celebration. Here you can fit all under the same roof and everything is nearby. Your boat can dock just outside the hotel!
We offer sea views, spacious indoor facilities and a beautiful dining room just for you. After the celebration, comfortable beds await upstairs. Welcome to Hotel Lysekil!

Your dinner - the hotel's dining room

When choosing our beautiful Dining Room with a fjord view for your wedding dinner you also choose one of the best food creators in WestSweden. Musselbaren has vast experience of larger weddings and celebrations, including catering events. The dining room seats 200 dinner guests. 

The dining room is beautiful with both traditional details like a casette ceiling as well as coastal details. It has a fjord view and in the evening the view projects the feeling of being onboard a ship. The dining room is situated in the hotel’s entrance level.

200 dining guests

You may have up to 200 seated dinner guests in the dining room. The airy feeling remains thanks to the high ceiling. The scene may be used for speaches, entertainment and showing picture presentations. The hotel team are happy to help with the technical details.

After dinner there is room for dance in the dining room. The adjoining bar room serves drinks and those who want some fresh air slip out on the terrace.

Extra luxury

The outdoor terrace is bookable for your welcome drink and as a mingle zone during the dance hours.

Allow yourself to dream ...

The wedding morning

Your wedding day dawns ...

Your wedding day dawns and you wake up in Hotel Lysekil’s comfortable beds. A look out the wndow towards the church – yes, the weather is nice. The hairdresser knocks on the door and soon it’s full speed ahead. The florist comes with fragrance and beautiful bouquets. Soon it’s off to church!

The wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony

You have chosen Lysekil’s church, which guests can walk to. A beautiful and big church that houses the entire wedding party, with a stunning fjord view. The big moment is here. After becoming husband & wife, having been congratulated on the church steps, you get some time on your own …

Wedding photos

Photo moment for the couple

… for example at the genuine Kallbadhuset house, that has survived since the 19th century bath resort era. A moment to look each other deep in the eyes, kiss and feel intensely alive.

Meanwhile for the guests ...

A boat tour for your guests

A while on the beautiful Gullmarsfjord is usually appreciated, and guests feel connected when gathered on board. When the boat docks at Stenpiren, the hotel is the nearest neighbor. The bride and groom meet up and take the lead walking into the hotel. You are greeted by marble floors and welcoming smiles and turn into the dining room.

Toasting the couple

Toasting the couple

The tables are beautifully set and beyond the tables the fjord shines blue. But first, the bride & groom toast with your guests. You enjoy it in Seaside, the dining room’s bar section. You can mingle both inside and out on the terrace with fjord views. When you are ready, continue to be seated.

The dining room

The dining room is yours

The dining room is beautiful, with generous space for your guests. You have the whole dining room for your celebration, without having to share with others. The children can move around and there is room for maneuver. The dining room has a sea view and archipelago style, as it should on the coast, and it has both a stage and space for dancing.

Food, speaches & entertainment

Food, speaches & entertainment

The wedding dinner will be memorable with guests and loved ones. Speaches, surprises and maybe entertainment take turns on the stage. Musselbaren’s skilled restaurateurs will help plan your wedding dinner with food & beverages, based on your wishes. They can also recommend artists if you want live music.

Sleep on my arm ...

Sleep on my arm ...

After dinner, cake and avec, it’s time for you to float out on the dance floor for the bridal waltz. Now it’s nice that it’s high ceilings, in a double sense, and that the dining room is yours. After the celebration, comfortable beds await upstairs for you and your guests – no need to head outside.

The hotel's rooms

We have 150 beds in total and we are happy to reserve the whole hotel for your party. We and the Musselbaren restaurant crew support you during prepations and during your celebration day/s here in Lysekil.  We welcome your suggestions and questions, we are happy to talk them over with you.

We welcome your suggestions and questions, we at Hotel Lysekil are happy to talk them over with you.
Phone: +46 (0)523-66 55 30  E-mail:

The party practicalities

Your wedding or party celebration should be a happy day with family and friends. At the same time there are many practical details to solve, including logistics, to make the day easy and enjoyable for your guests.

Everything nearby the hotel

Choosing Hotel Lysekil gives you a base very centrally in Lysekil, with short walking distances to the sea, the church and the sights. Comfortable  for your guests, who can avoid a lot of walking. Hair dresser, boat, church, pretty photo places and strolling areas – all are 5-10 minutes walk away.

Parking and bus connections

Arriving by car, your guests may book the hotel’s 15 parking spots. Also, there are plenty of parking on the square across from the hotel. Arriving by public transport, there is a direct bus from Gothenburg (bus 841) and the closest bs stop is ca 200 meters from the hotel. The taxi station is across the square.
If you choose a boat for the wedding there is a quai and a stone jetty next to the hotel.

Church, photo spots and beautiful areas.

You can spot the Lysekil church from the hotel and it’s a 10 minute walk there. Te beautiful city park is around the corner of the hotel, with an abundance of flowers, trees and a fountain – a pretty back drop for your wedding photos. If you prefer the sea setting, the romantic buildings from the 19th century beach resort era are 10 minutes away.

The Lysekil church is renown for its beauty and is the province’s biggest. If you prefer a more intimate church choose Lyse church outside Lysekil, in a pretty and luch location. Opposite the church there is a church ruin, perfect for your wedding shots. Across the fjord is a third popular church, the Fiskebäckskil church, smallest of the three.

Wedding couple pictures by Lasses foto, Lysekil.

Suggestions for your wedding – we recommend these local suppliers

Boats for weddings

Of course it’s nice to have a boat trip when you get married on the coast. Maybe you even get married on the foredeck, or you go for a trip after your wedding ceremony but before your dinner? Happy guests, a sparkling sea and everyone in the company gathered. In Lysekil there are several boats…

Wedding cake

For more than 100 years, Björsells bageri och konditori has created cakes and wedding cakes.  Anna and her staff are happy to create a wedding cake as per your wishes. Another good wedding cake creator in Lysekil is Opera konditori & café.

Wedding flowers

There are excellent florists locally in Lysekil. We gladly recommend Catharinas blommor and Hemblomster for your wedding flowers.

Wedding hair dresser

There are many talented hair dressers in Lysekil, and several are experienced wedding hair dressers. We highly recommend Bella and Jenny at Salong Nyans. They are happy to come to the hotel and the salon is close by, just a four minute walk from the hotel.

Wedding photographer

We are happy to recommend Lasses Foto as your wedding photographer. Lasse is very experienced and easy going, he puts a smile on your faces. He knows all the beautiful spots in Lysekil and knows which ones are best suited for your wishes.

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