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Eating out

Enjoying good food is one of the joys of life. No less so on your holiday. At the hotel you find two restaurants, Musselbaren and Kajmagasinet (see more below).

There are many restaurants in Lysekil and quite a few are open around the year. It is easy to enjoy well tasting food and beverages here.  We recommend you try some sea food and fish while you are here, they come straight from the local sea. Mussels, crustatians and catch of the day, the chefs know how to make them irrestistible.

Eating in-house: Musselbaren
Indulge with the delicacy of the sea and celebrate your holiday

Musselbaren (The Mussel Bar) offers a menu of west coasts tastes as well as After Beach sessions in the after noons. The blue mussel is the star of the menu, served both hot and cold, and as a burger.  If you are no mussel-lover (yeet) there are also mussel free alternatives. Enjoy excellent food and service.

Don’t miss trying the Musselbaren award-winning gin, created with sea kelp as a flavour creator, from their own destillery.

The restaurant is situated on a glassed sea view terrasse, with heating in the cooler seasons. Well known chef Mikael ”Alex” Alexandersson runs the kitchen and Johan Hellberg is in charge of the restaurant and entertainment.

The mussels are freshly cooked and comes from Musselbaren’s own mussel farm. Once harvested with their own boat the mussels undergo all quality and scientific checks before entering the kitchen.

Eating in-house: Kajmagasinet
Pub meny for the whole family

Kajmagasinet has an outdoor terrace as well as spacious indoors capacity. They serve pub food for the whole family. Hamburgers, shrimp sallad, pasta dishes, lamb skewers, chicken and some steaks. Childrens menu, beer- and wine menu, as well as vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

In the evenings pub nights with live band or trubadour. For big sports events you are able to enjoy the sports through the restaurant’s big screen.

Kajmagasinet phone number is: +46 (0)523-10083.

More restaurants in Lysekil
A wide range

Lysekil has quite a few restaurants. You find everything from fine dining to Swedish home cooking, to pubs, prawn sheds, pizzerias and asian food. Of course, local produce and vegetarian/vegan alternatives are available in most places.

Fine dining & Swedish dishes

Fine dining & Swedish dishes

For fine dining we recommend Musselbaren, NH 5, Publik Mat & Bar as well as the Havshotellet restaurant. For Swedish home cooking we suggest Restaurang Rosvik, which serves daily lunch all week days, incl. fish dishes.

Asian food

Asian food

Lysekil has a sushi bar as well as some asian food restaurants. Mee’s thai kitchen, Restaurant Peking and Lanna Thai restaurant, all well liked. All four are open almost all year, feel free to check with the reception desk first.


Pizzerias & kebab

Plenty of them in Lysekil. You find them at Kungstorget, the Rosvik square outside the hotel and with a 5 min. walk you arrive at Pizzeria Viking. For kebab there are several, i.e. Bobs foodtruck on the nearby quai, or head to Kungstorget or Babylon take out.

Prawn sheds & fish stores

Prawn sheds & fish stores

You find prawn sheds along the beach promenade, with lots of menu alternatives. The fish store is on the sea side of the train station, buy fresh or eat at their cafeteria. Day time there’s also a fish store at the ICA food store.


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